We are passionate about modern software engineering disciplines and quality. Our environment is driven by Lean Principles. Shift Left, Composable Architecture, Automate Everything, Systems Thinking and Data Driven are our guiding principles.

We are open, informal, respectful and honest. Our company culture revolves around making the work exciting, collaborative and growth oriented. Clear and open communication channels provide a flow of ideas, knowledge and connection, even in these trying times.

We work in an ever evolving field and we are committed to continuous learning. We keep up to date with new technologies and are always on the lookout for new things to learn. Our teams are set up in such a way to facilitate the exchange of knowledge. We encourage questions and create an environment conducive to exploring everyone's interests both individually and with assistance.

We are very proud of our team dynamic and we are always happy to welcome new team members who share our values and understand our culture.


We rejoice in this partnership and call it such because our working relationship allows both parties to suggest and recommend improvements and help shape the product, our product, in order to fit our business needs and make the best use of new technologies.

Eminus have been key trusted partners of ours for many years. They provide teams and augmented staff that extend our development capability and provide the experience and skills that we need to drive key strategic products.

Head of Application Development


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