At Eminus Software, we are part of our client's processes. We create applications that we grow together and follow throughout their lifespan. In doing so, we learn and we grow both as a company and as tech professionals.

The team

We pride ourselves on being a collective of growth oriented colleagues that encourage and sustain an open communications mindset.

The work we do

We focus on providing the best software solutions to our client. We are truly involved in the life of their products and we grow them together.

Always learning

We are keen to assist all of our team members to move forward on their professional path. A company can't grow if its team members don't.


Moving to the cloud

We are migrating most of the software we develop to Azure. New apps replace hardware needs and make our processes smoother and more adapted to the current tech environment.

Open to Open Source

We have our eye on what is happening in the sphere of Open Source and always try to find solutions that can make our work more efficient, productive and, why not, interesting.

Jumping on .NET Core

We stay on top of our game when it comes to integrating and migrating to new technologies. With the .NET framework slowly but surely becoming obsolete, we are fully embracing the shift to .NET Core.


We are a company riding the cusp. Small enough to have an open, communicative and inclusive culture not hindered by process and procedure. Big enough to tackle enterprise projects with the diverse range of experience and skills within our teams.

Software development

It's where most of our team is engaged both as developers and testers - it's where the magic happens. Teams work together to craft the software to handle our client's ever evolving objectives for growth and continuous improvement.


For something to actually work it needs to work in an interface, our UX/UI team moulds the functionality to the design, bridging the divide between code and user, elegantly and efficiently. The team handles interface development across all of our projects, supplementing the skills within teams.

Data technologies

As our knowledge and potential to produce information increases, the need to unify data from diverse systems becomes critical. Our team created the data warehouse that allows our client to understand the breadth and depth of data at their disposal, for the first time.


We adhere to Agile principles, embracing iterative development and continuous feedback. Our Agile coaches are adapt in creating seamless, fluid development workflows, be it Scrum, Kanban or any flavour of agile in between.


We rejoice in this partnership and I call it such because our working relationship allows both parties to suggest and recommend improvements and help shape the product, our product, in order to fit our business needs and make the best use of new technologies.

Eminus have been a key, trusted development partners of ours for many years. They provide teams and augmented staff that extend our development capability and provide the experience and skills that we need to drive key strategic products.

Head of Application Development


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