We believe in cutting edge tech and try to integrate it in our work as much as possible. With a growth mindset and a can-do attitude, there is no development hurdle that we can't overcome.

Our focus is Microsoft technologies and .NET Core is a hot topic around the (virtual) office. While Microsoft focused, we are easily swayed to include Open Source solutions where they fit a particular need. Cloud native has become a guiding principal for our customers and we’re helping them fulfil their mission to migrate their tech to Azure.

Learning and incorporating the latest technologies is a part of our unspoken coding mission. We encourage and value the exchange of knowledge. Every team member has a voice and everybody who wants to can learn and grow professionally.

We are problem solvers and creators involved in the entire lifespan of our customers products'. It is more than just getting an assignment and marking it as done. We strive to make it better.


With the sudden onset of COVID 19 restrictions last year, a lot of our client's business needed to pivot towards a more digital approach and we had our work cut out for us. As they are in the auctioning business and they used to do most of the trades on site, we needed to up the live bidding / auction functionality of the platform.

We built it on .NET Core and turned to SignalR - an open source library - to manage the real-time processes involved in live auction events.

  • Website (MVC and some legacy WebForms)
  • WCF Services (SOAP services either hosted in a Windows Service or IIS)
  • Daemons (backgroup process hosted as Windows Service)
  • IdentityServer (OAuth2 and OpenId Connect framework for .Net)
  • Sql Server Data Tools
  • SignalR
  • WebApi


Migrating to the cloud is the logical step in keeping up with tech development. It makes things run faster and smoother and relinquishes the maintenance responsibility and hassle of having inhouse servers. This step facilitates remote work and lets us use as much or as little processing power as needed.

Microsoft Azure allows for a plenitude of integrations, open source and otherwise that help us work better and more efficiently.

  • Functions
  • Blob Storage
  • Logic Apps
  • Service Bus
  • Key Vault
  • Application Gateway
  • Cosmos


There are a lot of open source solutions currently in use in our development work: like adding SignalR to our .NET Core code for live bidding, using Terraform with Azure Dev Ops to move closer to process automation (monitoring and identifying issues within our apps), integrating Solr to our search functionality in order to make things run smoother, RabbitMQ to ensure a seamless integration with other auction platforms, and many more.

  • Apache SOLR with Apache ZooKeeper
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ (Message Broker)

Technologies and Tools

A quick non-exhaustive run-through of the technologies we work with


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